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I am beyond over the blue moon that we are through the period 2020-2023 and now finally about to meet the Wood Dragon of 2024!


During 2020-2022 we were in Metal years. Metal is about refinement, spaciousness and is related to respiratory issues. I’m sure we remember that dream coming to an end when suddenly the planet had more space than it has experienced in centuries and we had to be confined in our spaces with the time to work on things.


We then hit a 2 year Water period. Water relates to the past, ancestry & endings, it is a time of going deeper inside, addressing our history and working on the subconscious. It is important to for this element to do its work because it creates the space for re-birth.


It has been a year of facing our collective mistakes and those of us who took responsibility probably avoided a few wars with ourselves and others. Some others were less able to escape war zones but that’s related to a bigger topic on collective karma and individual karma that needs further elaboration to unpick as karma is an extensive topic.


If we know that Metal is autumn and Water is winter, then what’s to follow with Wood is spring! This is a completely different energy to what has  been moving through over the past 4 years.


The 1st Wood year of 2024 brings with it the energy of the dragon. This is an exciting time because we can expect:


- Passion

- Forward movement

- Pioneering

- Community

- Creativity


The things to work on in order to bring balance and attainment to these areas of our lives include paying attention to our:


- Health

- Personal power

- Emotions


This is because the dragon likes to move and take action, of course it is important to rest but this is going to be the year where we will see that we what and how we eat has a more obvious effect on our well-being.


The dragon is a powerful and auspicious being, it brings luck so at is sweeps into your life and gives you a gust of wind beneath your wings it is important to not get too carried away.


Dragons can change their direction at any given time, they don’t particularly care about human rules and ways of beings (which means it is also a great time to re-evaluate our ethics). So expect to be easily distracted as you go through your creative momentum’s this year.


With personal power, this is year to come out of yourself, allow yourself to express and create what is within you. Remember that trauma is your trajectory, your life’s story shapes your gifts, talents and personal expressions. Break new grounds with yourself this year and you don’t have to do that by competing with what’s happening on the outside, the story is already within you! This is the year to behold that!


This is a year to take extra special care on managing our mental and emotional health. Dragon energy is transitional, it is the energy that shifts from one element to another. Remember what it was like to transition from child to teenager or teenager to young adult? Or remember when you first became independent? That’s the type of energy this year brings. With such an organic gust of support around us many more of us are going to hit the green GO button which could end up being a very busy and active year. This could lead to people feeling as though they can’t get things done fast enough or people are in each other’s way. The remedy for this is to work on patience and emanating compassion. I highly recommend engaging in any love based Metal meditations or compassionate mantras (Quan Yin) because the Wood is the most benevolent of the signs and this year is going to show lend us more energy if we are willing to stop, pause and gather from that well that will be following us around.


If you want to bring even more energy into your year then welcome green vegetables, sour & fermented foods.


In the 5 elements cycle, Wood controls Earth, seeing there’s a lot of Wood this year, we must be mindful and avoid overly doing things if the inner Earth isn’t strong. You don’t want to overly plant anything because the soil will not be able to handle it. The way to engage with more Earth  is to nurture ourselves, do things in community and have time to set up for coziness and comfort.


One final thing is that the month of the dragon is April so things start to really live from there. Some of us who are sensitive or have karmic relationships with the dragon may already be enjoying the momentum of this majestic creature in our lives.


I hope this brings you some hope for 2024, know that whatever endeavours you have been engaging with, now is the time to continue to refine. I hope by April we will all be sharing our fruits with each other!


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