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"A friend asked me today: what’s the Jambo 5-day hands-on training like? It’s pretty incredible. You’re learning from everyone in the room - yoga teachers and advanced practitioners committed to the work and we’re being led by a gifted teacher who knows his shit and has so much knowledge. Today we learned in depth about IAP breathing, the function & compensation patterns surrounding multifidus and erector spinae muscles & how they relate to the diaphragm. It’s just wow. Pretty incredible & fascinating to see the body in this way and be able to heal ourselves and others. Soaking as much up as I can and loving every minute of it."

- Kelly Berry


"Learning to feel confident upside down has been quite a journey! I quickly felt comfortable in headstands and so thought the step up to handstands would be an easy one...but far from it! Even though I know I can get up into and hold a handstand without one I still need to know there's a wall behind me to feel mentally confident enough to get into one. I think this is because I learnt handstands against a wall and so stepping away from it has been so hard!

It wasn't until a workshop hosted by @hotpodyoga with @jambodragon that it suddenly clicked...I was doing it all shoulders were just props before they weren't holding strength and so my belly didn't stand a chance at holding my spine in place. Honeslty so grateful to have attended it as both before and since I haven't been taught in that style."

- Frances Good


"Amazing and insightful two workshops yesterday with @jambodragon - thank YOU! I’ve learned lots of amazing things to help spinal mobility and how to ‘unf*ck your back’ (literally the name of the course!) - so many of us need these lessons and need to learn how to help keep our spines supple and strong."

- Megan Cluett


"Yoga Bodyworkers training literally changed my life. I felt very safe in Brian and Jambo's care to explore learning at my own pace, to satisfy curiosities I had about injuries that I had been struggling with for a very long time, and explore my own healing so that I could be of better service to others.

The Yoga Bodyworkers training gave me the tools, skills, and confidence to KNOW that I am really helping people when I work with them one-on-one, addressing their areas of concern in a way that helps, rather than avoids, their issues, and in ways that have a profound and immediate impact. I used to charge $60-$100 for a 90-minute private yoga session, but after taking this training, I bumped it up to $150 for an hour of my time. I found the tools I gained from this training so effective that in only an hour, I was able to give more to my students and impact their practice more powerfully than I ever was able to in 90 minutes. Although I had some push back at first, after feeling the effect of my work and the new skills I had gained from Yoga Bodyworkers training, my students gladly jumped on board with the changes. They were astounded with the benefits they received from my new approach to working with them.

If you are a yoga teacher, massage therapist, chiropractor, physical therapist, or anyone in the business of helping people heal, this workshop is a TOTAL game changer. Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity, I promise you'll be astounded by the value and benefit the Yoga Bodyworkers training will give you."

- Heba Saab


"You will be delighted by this hypnotized person. You are going to learn to put back a muscle that misplaces it, you are going to learn or hide your most buried pains in your body. I really learned a lot about myself.
Does it serve you?
My husband had a bad shoulder blade and I managed to put back the muscle that was all contracted. It made him crazy and it's thanks to him."

- Vanessa


"Its some kind of magic. The studio space, the energy, the people, the dragon @jambodragon Thank you Jambo for a beautiful workshop!
Thank you for reminding people about the power of touch, acknowledging what needs to strengthen and what’s needs releasing and to be free and brave to ask for once needs to be meet.
Sometimes I consider leaving the teacher seat and nerd away in design work. Thanks dear Jambo for reminding me again and again of the gifts of healing."

- Nina Hillerström


"These trainings always give me a greater understanding of connection to ‘we are all one’ to all within our existence, in the present and of times past.

A power and energy so strong which starts with breath, we laughed, we cried, we meditated, we prayed, we chanted and we moved, we allowed ourselves to be vulnerable to be true.

We expressed feelings of joy, peace, pain (elbow to knee), anger (elbow to knee), laughter (elbow to knee) and most importantly of love and compassion.

I will cherish all that I felt this week, all the energy we stirred and I cannot wait to get back to continue teaching my students the wonder of our breath, our spirit. AH-HO."

- Victoria Louise


"Day 3 of the Forrest CET training @theyogaedgeuk with the amazing @jambodragon and shit got real!! Today's intent was to work with trauma and let go. A very intense practice with loooooong sequences, designed to help us go deep and let go of shit we're holding on to that doesn't serve us anymore. If my legs let me stand up tomorrow, I'll be amazed! Practice was deepened by the incredibly rich sound healing vibrations from @edinburgh_sound_and_healing - it's an amazing experience, practicing with such rich and powerful sounds, supported by so many hands-on assistants, helping you go deeper. I want this every day please."

- Sally Connor

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