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Spring Equinox Advice

Spring Equinox Advice

As we transition from winter into spring during 2023, here is something I really need you to be aware about:

This is the Yin Water Rabbit Year.

Last year was the Yang Water Tiger Year.

Water is the Celestial Yin, we can’t get any more Yin.

Yin embodies going within, intuition, going deeper, tapping into our mystery and accessing the depths of where we have come, that is the depths of our ancestors and our race of humanity. That’s A LOT OF STUFF.

Although I LOVE processing my mysteries, it is important to be aware that because this year we have the additional forces of Yin Water, it can be too easy to overlook that we are either going too deep or staying too deep for too long and not remembering how to move.

When Yin is integrated, it welcomes Yang. It is waiting and knows it eventually will move.

When Yin isn't integrated, it doesn’t want to come out of the dark.

When water isn't integrated it has a sense of Will, Drive & CELEBRATES the inner mysteries.

When water is not integrated it wants to dramatise the mysteries and it can manifest as paranoia and/or fear with the inability to go with the flow.

It is VERY important for my extended family to know that if we enjoy going into the dark, it’s important to move and get out before we become stuck.

Water is reflective of our nervous system, it has the ability to be in flow, be in fright or freeze. It depends how long you have been in the same pool of water for. Imagine being in a bath of water, initially you may feel clean but stay there long enough and you may want a shower after your bath just to move the old water off.

When it doesn’t flow it stagnates (inability to go with the flow) or freezes (paranoia & fear).

Any of the un-integrated states in excess can lead us to walk into destructive emotions and behaviours.

The remedy is simply to move………

Love your body, move your emotion and mind.

Even when you really don’t feel like it, start with an inhale.

Don’t worry about what you do or how you do it too much, just begin moving your body. It may take several days, especially if you have been in the depths for some time, but if you start now, very soon you will feel better.

As a way to support our community I have put together a program ‘Awakening The Warrior’s Heart’ which is a free journey for JDS members. It will be available on your dashboard by March 21st at the latest but it might be ready sooner! Keep an eye on your dashboard!

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