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Meditating on AWE.

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

I have been meditating on AWE.

I hit deep grieving in the last 12 months. A funeral that lasted 100 days for my grandad, the loss of a relationship that I didn’t really want to be in but allowed myself to be caught up in it. I was still working out how not to have a home and deeply miss my family and friends.  I decided to accept the schedule for how it was because I wanted to ride the power of grief by honouring those who I miss by doing something that I knew would make both myself and them very proud.  Every day for 2 months I meditated on awe for 28 minutes. I knew that I would need a miracle to get through this without snapping at people or behaving unprofessional, tired and unfocused. Joe Dispenza, another hero of mine speaks about needing to know awe if you want to know miracles. I certainly felt like I needed a miracle.  During the final month I expanded the focus by using my other meditation practises to track and work with the things that are in my way of getting to the next layer of awe.  By focusing on what I was in awe about every morning, it was easier to uptake the awe from the simple things in life. There were huge moments when I was literally in awe of myself too, now that’s what I call breaking a spell!  I have managed to sit here, not only in one piece, but I feel that my body looks way better than what I was expecting of it. I don’t look half as tired as I feared and I don’t think I have snapped at enough people to cause any serious damage.  I have won! I am officially starting a 3 week holiday with nothing to do apart from take really good care of myself and growing in the ways that I love. I’ve made it. But I wouldn’t have made it had I not focused on awe.  Focusing on awe enabled me to be fuelled by the innocence and beauty of life. It took me away from the things to do and my spirit was able to get as involved as I wanted it to. What’s the point in doing anything if you can’t embody your spirit whilst doing it? Life isn’t worth living with a closed heart.  How did I do it?

  • Prepare a short list of things you are in awe about that happened recently

  • Prepare a short list of things you have accomplished in your life that you are in awe about

  • Set a timer for 28 minutes 8 seconds (the total amount of time it takes for energy to circulate through the meridian system)

  • Breathe in and out through your heart until calmer and embodied

  • Focus on the things that you are in awe about in your life. Feel it bubbling up in your body.

  • Go as far back in the history of your life to draw on more memories of awe

  • Invite it to live, move and thrive in your body 

  • Feel it, study it, love it 

No matter what happens, keep your eyes closed and stay focused! It’s worth it! You will experience

  • way more resourcefulness

  • way more resourcefulness an elated feeling and realisation that there is way more awe to experience

  • what you allow yourself to be in awe about that you shouldn’t be in awe about (things that piss you off) - change this by acknowledging this behaviour 


Give it a try and let me know how you get on!

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