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February Newsletter!

Hi everyone, welcome to February. I hope your 2023 has started off really well and I have some exciting news about what we are getting up to this year. You may have remembered that last year I talked about it being a water tiger year and this year it’s a water rabbit year. Notice how the element cycles doubles in each year, so we had two water years following each other. The energy of rabbit is of practical wisdom, it’s very caring and extremely nurturing, rabbits are very earthy in nature. The water element is the element that helps us to go deeper to explore mysteries further, our learning and getting closer to the truth. This could mean that a lot of energy will be directed towards things such as health, especially because the recent years have been heavy on the topic of health. The double water could also mean that whatever it is, we have been working on, allows the space and time to go even deeper this year. For example, if you have been working on something in the recent year, don’t be too surprised if you actually go deeper with the process this year. You may discover that you have improved in certain areas. Well done and keep going. The next thing I would like to announce is we have a new member of the team. Please welcome Marie Hart who will be helping me manage the day-to-day and larger tasks. Marie has a background in organisation skills so I am expecting her to keep me in check in order to serve you with a clearer channel. Another exciting thing I am working on right now is putting together some classes that can be taken as short courses . The idea is that an individual can go through a series of classes and develop a deeper understanding of biomechanics anatomy or Somatics as it relates to yoga, meditation, and Bodywork. I will also be adding some new short Bodywork courses as the development of Bodywork and human biomechanics has shown wonderful results in a range of research that I just can’t stop getting excited about . Some of these courses will include the window of heaven points, which are great acupressure points for removing difficult to shift emotional blocks. Amongst all of these courses, the ones relating to Yoga therapeutics will be free for members to take on completion of these short classes, you will be rewarded a certificate of completion. For example, a certificate of completion on yoga therapeutics for shoulders. I am also currently working on a yoga teacher training specialising in one-to-one work for yoga therapeutics . This training will include intelligent and therapeutic sequencing for various injuries. You will study a library of muscle testing in order to enhance your understanding of human anatomy and diagnostics. You will explore the five elements theory to better understand, personality and body types. This training will also enable graduates to develop a deeper understanding of the subtle map of the human body. I believe that there are a certain set of building blocks that are necessary when it comes to developing confidence in the workings of the incredible human body. Here is the training where I infuse the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies that make up the Yoga of Bliss.

Keep an eye out on my in-person schedule. There is a lot of demand for Bodywork and hands on assists. There are also a couple of mentorship programs in Europe and Asia.

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