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Welcoming the Wood Dragon during Spring with Strength and Flexibility

Welcoming the Wood Dragon during Spring with Strength and Flexibility


Hello, everyone!


As we joyously move through the auspicious Wood Dragon year of 2024, our focus is aligned with renewal and energetic shifts. This year promises to infuse us with pioneering spirit and the zest to push forward. It’s a year to harness our personal power, nourish our bodies, and elevate our emotional resilience.


In light of embracing the Dragon’s dynamic energy, let’s dive into an ancient practice that embodies strength, flexibility, and balance: squatting. This simple, yet powerful exercise is not just about building muscles; it’s a gateway to improving our overall health, particularly benefiting our ankles, knees, hips, and lower back.


The Mighty Health Benefits of Squatting


Stronger Joints and Improved Mobility

Squatting regularly strengthens the muscles around our major joints. For the ankles, knees, and hips, this means better stability and reduced risk of injuries. It also enhances the range of motion in these joints, promoting fluid, pain-free movements which are crucial as we embrace the Dragon’s call for action.


Support for Lower Back

By engaging the core and the lower back muscles, squats help in maintaining proper posture and spinal alignment. This is especially beneficial in preventing lower back pain, a common ailment that can hinder our daily activities.


A Booster for Spine Health

Interestingly, squatting also helps decompress the spine when done correctly. This can lead to reduced back pain and improved posture, keeping us upright and strong as we navigate the year’s challenges and opportunities.


Unexpected Benefits:

Shoulders and Neck


While primarily a lower-body workout, squats also offer significant perks for the upper body, particularly the shoulders and neck. The act of maintaining a proper squat posture requires engagement of the upper back and shoulders, which helps in strengthening these areas and reducing tension. Moreover, maintaining alignment during squats teaches us balance and body awareness, which can alleviate unnecessary (compensatory) strain on the neck and shoulders.


Additional Health Marvels


Enhanced Functional Fitness

Squatting improves our ability to perform real-life activities, making it easier to bend, lift, and turn—essential as we spring into the Dragon’s energetic embrace.


Boosted Metabolism

This exercise is potent in increasing muscle mass, which in turn fires up our metabolism. A higher metabolic rate means more energy and a more vibrant, active life.


Mental and Emotional Clarity

As a grounding exercise, squatting can also help in clearing the mind and easing anxiety, preparing us mentally and emotionally to ride the Dragon’s transformative wave with clarity and purpose.


Squatting: A Fun Fact!


Did you know that in many cultures, squatting is a natural resting position? Studies suggest that regular squatting can even improve gastrointestinal health and aid digestion, perfect for enjoying those green, sour, and fermented foods we’re encouraged to embrace this year!


As we continue to refine and enrich our lives this year, integrating squatting into our routine not only primes us physically but aligns wonderfully with our spiritual and emotional growth. It’s time to strengthen from the ground up, embracing our roots and rising with strength and grace.


Here’s to a year of health, empowerment, and vitality. Let’s make every move count, grounding ourselves in strength as we reach for the stars. Happy squatting and a thrilling Wood Dragon year to all!


With all the energy of spring and the mighty Dragon, let’s rise together!


If you would like to see me in the near future I will be at the following venues:


4th to 5th May, Revelations of Breath and Balance, Orange Yoga Cheltenham

10th May, The Earth Element – Flow and restore, Wild Box Bristol

11th to 12th May, Bliss Bodywork – The Earth Element, Wild Box Bristol

18th May, Say Yes to you and I am Enough (Part 1) – Love Yoga Peckham

19th May, Say Yes to you and I am Enough (Part 2) – Love Yoga Peckham

24th May to 26th May, The Big Retreat, Wales (private treatments will be available)






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