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The Yogi Container 

The Yogi’s Container
An exploration of approaching hands on assists in a new generation of teaching yoga.
As the increase of yoga continues to rise and with recent years highlighting the issues that show up around hands on assists, consent and safe containers, this is a series of classes on approaching assists and the effectiveness of using verbal vs manual hands on assists.
Hands-on assists were previously used to help students ‘go deeper into poses’ which also created the complications of who was the person really make the decision.
Hands on assists require an appreciation of managing our own energy and being mindful of the spaces we are stepping into.

Build or re-gain your confidence in approaching hands on assists by exploring:
- how to develop consent verbally and non-verbally
- therapeutic touch vs pushing deeper into poses
- touch as a stimulus to vagal tone vs a release

11.30am-2pm - Yoga Workshop 

2.30pm -5pm - Hands on Assist

Date: Sunday 23rd October 2022 11.30am-5pm

Location: Shanti Bee, Newcastle UK

Investment: £70 (£35 for Morning or Afternoon) 

EB price if paid before end of July 2022:£60

To register and make payment please email:

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