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The Unfuck Your Life Series

I created this series when I reached a point of being so fed up with what I was carrying in my back a few years ago. After a couple of decades of heavy squatting and deep hip opening, I managed to create a bulging disc and a very unstable sacro-iliac joint.

What I did, as any good practitioner would do was follow my protocols, but nothing was making my back feel better. It wasn’t until I was waking up in the morning and having to crawl to the bathroom and sit on all fours in the shower with hot water on my back in order to get the tissue warm enough so that I could move that I realised I needed to drop everything that I knew and start again.

The Unfuck Your Life Series started with Unfuck Your Back and it was a great few events where I was able to get down to the bare bones of lumbar spine health and share techniques to enable practitioners to wrap their heads around yoga for back pain, yoga for sciatic, yoga for sacro-iliac pain and yoga for bulging discs.

Then I developed Unfuck Your Burnout because this is also something that has led me to have had to crawl on the floor amongst many other rather embarrassing moments of my life which I will leave for a much more comedic post because you have to laugh at these things!

Unfuck Your Burnout is a series of meditations, pranayamas, and self-bodywork that are great at re-energising the spirit. I absolutely love this workshop because the way we look after class shows the results of the techniques. None of us look as though we give a shit anymore, which is a great place to be in compared to a very wired and fired nervous system.

Unfuck Your Anxiety is going to be the 1st 28 days format. Why is 28 days important? It takes 28 minutes to run an intention through the meridian system. That’s why acupuncture sessions are about 30mins long. The idea is that we spend as much time as we can during those 28 days to build as many 28 minutes as possible to unwind out of the tensions of anxiety.

Expect mini-psychomagic’s, meditations, self-bodywork, and self-talk exercises to remind you that everything is ok and things are going to turn out fine. Let’s turn our anxiety into the life that we actually would like to live.

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