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The Azure Dragon & Spring

There’s not much that makes we want to wake up in the morning and leap into life that compares to supporting our community. Lately when I have been drinking my morning coffee before my morning rituals, I often have a moment of sheer gratitude for the people that I work with.

What follows is a prayer that usually includes a blessing to every member of our community. I am so grateful for you for presence and allowing me to see you when we are practising together. By observing the way we practise I am able to witness growth and share the moments of bliss or achievement with you.

As we move into the deeper moments of spring and bask in the world birthing itself into life around us, it’s time for us to do the same, with the ease of riding off the back of spring.

The Azure Dragon is an archetype that sits in the Eastern palace of the Taoist mandala. The Azure Dragon is the guardian of springtime (Wood) and is connected to the part of our spirit that is on-going. The part of our being that reincarnates when this physical body decides so.

On a psychological level, this is the part of our psyche that wants growth, goals, purpose, ambition…….

Here is our determination. Ever seen a tree punch it’s way through concrete because it knows it’s purpose is to go up? There’s no stopping the Wood element of our being, souls continue to reincarnate and evolve.

If you are the type of person that doesn’t connect very easily with all the different types of determination then spring time is a great energy for you to ride off of in order to get the determination lived! The Azure Dragon doesn’t aim for the destination in a way that dismisses other beings. The Azure Dragon is the most benevolent out of all the archetypes of the cardinal directions of this mandala. This archetype certainly goes in the direction of the goal but loves the journey and realised that the point of it all is within the journey.

I would like to continue to grow with you!

In order for that evolution to happen here are a few things that are happening at Jambodragonschool in order for new shapes to take place. I’m going to need your help too!

The classes are now split into levels;

- Monday is a 90min intermediate to advance class for anyone as there will be modifications, but expect strong poses. This is the class where I can get to share with you the level of intensity that Ana Forrest took me through in order to help me with my healing and growing. I understand that this class isn’t for everyone but if you are someone who wants to work on stronger sequences and refine attention to detail in certain poses, this is the class for you!

- Thursday is a 45min class that quickly gets us into our bodies (a great way to cultivate energetic hygiene). This class is an intermediate level class. If you are familiar with a dynamic sort of practise (or way of living) then this class is like the mid-afternoon pick me up that we really need in order to bring our mind and hearts to whatever is to come next. Whatever time in the day it is for you, this class is designed to a refresher of energy so that you can transition from one way of being to another.

- Occasionally, depending on the demand, we will run a short beginners course and the occasional advanced class workshop but I would prefer to spend most of my energy taking care of those of us who are here.

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