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Enhancing Lung Stamina - 12th August 2023 at 10.30am and 3.30pm

If we want to live better, it all starts with the way that we breathe. I know of late I have been sharing a lot of posts around respiratory wellness, particularly around asthma. This is because asthma is something that is in my family and I have been dancing with it since I was a young lad. As I am very much about sharing my own healing journey, I hope that my findings can benefit you personally or add a practitioner. My journey with asthma has been an interesting road. For many years I was able to avoid even thinking about an asthma pump but some things happened during the pandemic that aggravated my asthma again. Maybe I was sat at my comer for longer than usual so I wasn’t breathing well for hours at a time? Maybe although we had less traffic, something else was in the air that irritated by breathing anatomy? Or maybe the intense emotions and thought processing was all that I needed for my chest to become vulnerable. It doesn’t really matter what caused the issue, what matters is that it is in the way. As I searched for a decent medic who could walk with me as I learn to navigate this new path with asthma (which took some time), I did what I did best, observed my breathing and applied what my breathing pattern needed to be optimised. I was reminded of a time in India in my early 20’s. I was in the Himalayas and breathing was laborious. It was late at night and I was nowhere near anywhere that dispensed asthma pumps. It was me and ….Shiva (who I was meditating on during this trip). I naturally found myself focusing on my exhales because inhaling was difficult and not pleasurable. I noticed that my exhales were wheezy but they took a long time to complete, way more time that it took for me to feel like I maxed out an inhale. After about 20 rounds of exhaling until I could not wheeze anymore out, I noticed that my inhales became longer, deeper and far more satisfying than earlier on in the evening. A couple of decades on, when I am to revisit one of my greatest teachers, my asthma, I find myself in a similar place except this time I’m on the ground, in polluted cities exploring how to get empty of stale breath. Asthmatics often feel as though they are unable to inhale because there’s not enough room in the lungs. Actually the bottom and the back of lungs is old stale air that needs to be emoted out before the lungs can do what they do best, draw in a chest full of fresh breath! I have come across several studies but this interesting 12-week study (get me to one you the link via WA) showed some pretty impressive and fast progress when it came to eliminating wheezing, and it’s all focused on techniques to improve exhaling! Join me for this 21 hour class where I will share the breakdown of some research around pranayama and asthma to see where the academics are at with these tools. I will then take you through a pranayama sequence based on these studies and I hope that the routines help you as much as they help me. From someone who no longer panics when I don’t breathe steadily, I hope we can help each other bring peace of mind to those who are working on improving their respiratory wellness around us.

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