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Energetic Hygiene

So you may have seen in my monthly newsletter the theme of this month is Energetic Hygiene. There is such a thing as ‘healthy shame’ - most of us would have experienced that when growing up. ‘Healthy shame’ leads us to want to brush our teeth to avoid being laughed at for having breath from a mouth that hasn’t been brushed.

Of course that is just an example and doesn’t include the conditions that cause halitosis.

The point is most of us have probably managed to get to a stage in our lives where we can manage the superficial levels of hygiene, enough to get out and about in the world.

During February, I will be responding to the questions that our empaths have around energetic hygiene. Each class will focus the intent around getting cleared up of residual stuff that seems to be hanging over us.

So how do you know if it’s time to practise energetic hygiene? Do you consistently feel un-grounded, unsettled or know a lingering feeling of being ‘unclean’ and may repeatedly want to wash?

Do you wake up mysteriously exhausted or in low moods after you have been with other people?

Have you ever suddenly had certain emotions come up and feel very unsure as to why they are not only present, but strongly present?

These examples belong to a much longer exhaustible list that can be linked to the symptoms associated with empathing to the point of needing energetic hygiene.

Now we all now how much better we feel after some sort of shower and brushing our teeth. Such a simple act that is performed daily can enable us to be ready for whatever is to come next. Now how can we create that for ourselves?

One thing I like to do is to go out in nature, I don’t get to go as often as I would like to, but there have been moments when I have been on my backside and realised I need the presence of some natural world. Why does this help? The natural world contains a balanced state of the elements. Compared to city life, there is a lot less of the elements in their natural form. Everything reflects the elements. Everything outside and within us. If we spend a lot of time away from a natural balance of the elements it can seriously impact our internal landscape.

Another thing I like to do is stop whatever I’m doing, take a moment to connect to my feet and start taking deep breaths. As soon as I feel a sense of ‘connection’ to a higher wisdom, or just a quieter mind, I’ll ask myself ‘how many breaths do I need to take to get out of this funk?‘. Often I will be taking the breaths without much happening, then I reach the final breath to be counted and something has shifted.

There are many different ways to practise energetic hygiene. I will be spending the whole month refining this in each class and responding to the community's needs as we all learn together.

Join along with me by visiting the school website and sign up!


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