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Dragon Reiki

Greetings from the lands where dragons relax!

I would like to share an existing new program coming up - Dragon Reiki.

What is Dragon Reiki? Way before religions ‘humanised’ deities, the people of the old lands worked with animals and nature. One of those creatures were serpents, of which dragons are a part of.

The term for serpents also includes dragons, nagas & snakes.

Did you know that in Indonesia, although it is predominantly a Muslim country, if there is a snake in an office building, the locals will call for an exterminator as well as a shaman to address the presence of the snake. The ancient traditions of respecting snakes still lives on in current times.

Reiki means Universal Life Force and this is a practice that was inspired by my work in Reiki & Dragon rituals and meditations.

We will begin with a Reiki Empowerment in honour of the tradition and then explore the many ways we can use dragon channelling, mantras and ritual work to enhance our Reiki treatments. Whatever level of Reiki you are in, you will receive an empowerment to super charge your batteries and give your channel a good clear out, if it that is what it needs.

Expect weekly lessons which include meditations, chanting and hand positions for various situations.

And most importantly……you will meet Shesha - the ruler of all nagas! Learn their mantras and meditations as well as learn the traditional stories, myths and legends of the gifts (and beliefs around ‘naga curses’) that nagas can bring (as well as antidotes of how to deal with them). These interesting stories reveal valuable lessons to integrate the way of the dragon lore.

As always, classes are on-demand. Although there are weekly lives- these lives are to help us grow as a community together. You don’t have to attend them and they will be available for you to catch up on later.

The classes are available for the duration of the event, we usually add an extra 7-10 days for everyone to play catch up. I have shortened the lessons to make them easier to digest.

I hope you will join me as we quest into the ritualistic practice of Dragon Reiki.

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