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Bodyworkers in Mexico 24th October 2023!

The Magic Of Yoga Bodyworkers! Back in 2021 my Yoga Bodywork brother Brian Campbell and I came up with a 10 day program that would help yoga teachers become bodyworkers. Fortunately our first class was full of Forrest Yoga teachers and because Forrest Yoga has a huge emphasis on hands on assists we were already working with touch enthusiasts. Each morning awe start with exciting exercise for meditation & song circles. These are energetic and a lot of fun.

Right after the playtime with our spirit, we go straight into a yoga movement practise where we share sequences that help the practitioner embody the areas of the body and the teachings around musculoskeletal movement within their own bodies as a way to prepare for the afternoon. After a luxurious lunch break with enough time for you to enjoy our surroundings, we go into bodywork techniques. These techniques encompass a plethora of styles from East Asian style acupressure and passive stretch work to an evidence based application of myofascia. During these sharing, we explore stories around human movement and what that can lock into our somatic experiences, here we learn the emotional anatomy of body. Each day we have a chance to explore the combinations of techniques to enable tuning into reading the several maps of the body. By familiarising ourselves with these maps, we are empowered to create bodywork sessions that are life changing! Our principles include: Deep Breathing - exploring the anatomy and physiology of breathing, how to apply correctives in bodywork and master acupressure routines that stimulate diaphragmatic activity. The Caress - the art of touch is a series of techniques to explore the several different ways you can begin working on another body. Imagine several days learning the war up styles of schools such as Swedish Body Massage, Aromatherapy, Hands Free, Tui Na, Ayurvedic Yoga & Thai Yoga massage….and this is still the warm up! Ground Reaction Force - there is an additional energy that is available for the healing forces that we transfer from practitioner to client that has nothing to do with our own Qi. By learning how to dance with gravity and using that force to hold ourselves, we as practitioners have a steadier frame to work from. Here we learn how to protect our own body while we are delivering what we love AND using the forces of gravity to help anchor force or steadiness if that is what we need. This is where we explore co-regulation techniques that enable both practitioner and client to drop into a space of struggle free bliss. The direction that we can take after these stages are limitless. So far we have taught several different programs including: - joint health - cranial sacral techniques - moxabustion - acupressure - muscle testing - myofascial release - kinesio taping - suspension work ……..and much more In Mexico we are exploring a wide range of angles as we create toolbox that can serve bodywork practitioners no matter what your style is. Click here to see the rest of the content:

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