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5-Day Forrest Yoga Immersion for Teachers from Other Traditions Overview

Join us for an enlightening 5-day Forrest Yoga immersion, designed specifically for yoga teachers from various traditions who are eager to expand their teaching repertoire and deepen their personal practice. This intensive workshop will introduce participants to the foundational elements of Forrest Yoga, with a special focus on its unique approach to abs workouts, healing-oriented sequencing, and the development of the profound internal strength necessary for personal and student growth.


Day 1: Introduction to Forrest Yoga Fundamentals


Kick off your journey with an in-depth exploration of Forrest Yoga’s core principles. Learn about the life and teachings of Ana T. Forrest and how her personal experiences shaped this powerful practice. You'll engage in your first Forrest Yoga class, focusing on breath, strength, and integrity in each pose. This session sets the stage for understanding how Forrest Yoga addresses modern ailments through ancient wisdom.


Day 2: Mastering Forrest Yoga Abs and Sequencing Styles


Dive into the distinctive Forrest Yoga abs workout, renowned for its effectiveness and transformative impact on core strength. Discover sequencing techniques that are specifically designed to facilitate self-healing and emotional release. Teachers will learn how to construct classes that not only challenge the body but also support the healing of the spirit and mind.


Day 3: The Art of Holding Space and Hands-On Assists


Learn how to hold yourself and your space in the way a Forrest Yoga teacher does—creating a safe, nurturing environment for deep emotional and physical work. This day focuses on the importance of presence and authenticity in teaching. Additionally, you'll explore the use of hands-on assists, a crucial aspect of Forrest Yoga, which helps students achieve deeper therapeutic experiences within each pose.


Day 4: Anatomy and Its Application in Forrest Yoga


Enhance your understanding of anatomy as it applies to Forrest Yoga. This comprehensive session will cover key anatomical knowledge, from understanding muscle groups involved in core exercises to recognizing the physical signs of emotional blockages. Teachers will learn how to apply this knowledge practically to improve pose efficacy and safety.


Day 5: Becoming Luminous: Inner Work and Integration


The final day focuses on the transformational aspect of Forrest Yoga—how the strength comes from doing the inner work, making us more luminous. Engage in reflective practices that help integrate the physical with the spiritual, learning how to use your newfound skills to guide students on their paths to healing and self-discovery.


This immersion is not just a training—it’s an invitation to transform your teaching and personal practice. By integrating significant elements of Forrest Yoga into your existing style, you will not only enhance your classes but also embark on a deeper journey into your own self-healing. Join us to expand your teaching toolkit, deepen your understanding of your body, and learn to facilitate a space where healing is not just possible but inevitable.


Embrace this opportunity to become a part of the Forrest Yoga community and bring back invaluable knowledge and practices that will enrich both your life and the lives of your students.


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