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Aligning with your Destiny:
Unveiling Your Unique Gifts Through Face Reading:

Aligning with Your Ming

In the realm of Chinese face reading, the concept of destiny, known as ‘Ming,’ holds profound significance. When we live our Ming, we tap into an extraordinary source of energy from the universe and our ancestors, enabling us to fulfill our true purpose. Through face reading, I guide individuals in discovering their unique gifts and aligning with their Ming, leading to a life filled with vitality and purpose.


Discovering Your Ming

Ming is more than just destiny; it’s a dynamic flow of energy that propels us towards our true calling. Living our Ming means harnessing the universe’s energy, allowing us to deliver what we came here to do. Over the years, my journey of travelling the world and teaching in various Countries has shown me the power of Ming. Despite the physical and emotional challenges of travel, such as experiencing racism in airports or navigating language barriers to secure basic necessities, I consistently found myself energised when stepping into the teaching space.


The Surge of Energy

There were countless moments when, despite feeling exhausted and emotionally drained, a surge of energy would envelop me as soon as I began teaching. My mood would shift from fatigue to full vitality, a transformation witnessed by my beloved and teaching assistants alike. This surge of energy wasn’t limited to my teaching sessions; it would sustain me for days, enabling me to engage in other activities I love, such as training my body, practicing yoga, and enjoying nature’s bounty.


This phenomenon is a testament to living my purpose. Sharing the healing arts in a concise and practical way is my destiny. By living my Ming, I receive an enormous amount of Qi (energy), which I can then channel to support and heal those who choose to work with me.


Unveiling Your Gifts Through Face Reading

Face reading is a powerful tool to explore someone’s unique gifts and help them live in line with their purpose. By assessing the key elements that constitute an individual’s makeup, we can understand their strengths and guide them to live within the framework of these elements. The five elements - Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water - each represent different aspects of our spirit. Understanding the interplay of these elements helps us recognise when our spirit is at its strongest.


Ling: Universal Energy

In Chinese, there’s another term, ‘Ling,’ which means universal energy. I often joke, “If you want Ling, you’ve got to live Ming.” My role is to help you recognise when your spirit is present and at its strongest by assessing the relationships between your five elements. Through this understanding, I hope to provide you with the tools to continue building your golden path, the life you were destined to share.


Embrace Your Path

By living in harmony with your elements and embracing your unique gifts, you align with your Ming, experiencing a surge of energy that not only supports you but also radiates to those around you. Whether it’s teaching, healing, or any other pursuit, living your purpose fills you with vitality and joy.


Face reading is more than a diagnostic tool; it’s a gateway to understanding your true self and aligning with your destiny. By recognising and nurturing your unique gifts, you can live a life full of energy, purpose, and fulfillment. Together, let’s explore your Ming and unleash the boundless potential within you.

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