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Mindful exercise | Jambo Truong | TEDxNewcastle
Risk being great
Your imitations are your limitations
Authenticity breeds gravitation
No matter which way I go, I am still on my way home

Jambo the Practitioner

Jambo's yoga journey began at the age of 14 years when he started a chanting and meditation practise. His asana practise began at the age of 17. His first glimpses of the Western approach to....continue

Jambo the Dragon

Jambo grew up in a Buddhist & Taoist household. The native Shamanic path of the Medicine People of South East Asia. The word 'Shaman' is referred to an individual who practises ceremonies to maintain..... continue


Dragons are of service to the spirit of the land. It's a pleasure to visit different places to hear what the place needs and to trust and follow that inner voice. Developing my team in Newcastle has.... continue

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