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The Yogi & The Turkish Get Up

Jambo Dragon and Phill

Most of us will agree that either Yoga or Kettlebells is the bees knees when it comes to core stability and keeping mobility healthy but have we ever thought about marrying them together?


Sure, there’s nothing quite like the calm that yoga brings with all of the breathing but what’s the breathing without the stability and strength to do something with? Quickening the blood is an experience that comes with aliveness! 


Sure there’s nothing like the muscle development and cardiovascular stimulation that kettle bells brings but what is all of that movement without correct breathing? A likely good of compensating! 


If you are a yogi who yearns for more stability and hunting for something that is easy to integrate into a weekly routine OR an athletic person with a keen eye on taking control over your nervous system again? This is the class for you. 


You will learn how to optimise breathing with yoga poses to correct and prioritise intrinsic core stability. You will also learn how to break down a movement known as The Turkish Get Up. This translates what we did in yoga to a weight bearing strength.


I don’t like too many cheat codes, but this is a pretty fast way for a yogi to learn how to get out of pain and for an athlete to manage the transference of breath as a way to exert strength.


5.30pm IAP correctives 

6.15pm TGU basic moves 

7pm we all do a TGU and stop when we need to do the corrective then go back to TGU

Time: 13th November 5.30-7.30pm UK

To book your spot or further inquiries email

or click link below:

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