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Working With Jambo

Thank you for entrusting me to be a guide on the part of your journey you are currently on! Here you will be able to locate the types of classes that I offer. As you will soon find out, I have a multi-disciplinary practice. I have about 2 decades of practice as a clinician and teacher. My approach is honest, individual & therapeutic.

The condensed version of my journey offers a mixture of yoga (asana, pranayama, meditation & bhakti) Classical East-Asian medicine (shamanic Taosim), biomechanics (anatomy & bodywork) & mysticism.

My style is invigorating, practical and full of humour.


BSc(HONS) Integrated Health (Complementary Medicine)

Dip Acupuncture

Dip Micro-system Acupuncture Face Reading PGCert Ayurveda 

Applied Kinesiology 

Immaculate Dissection Level 6

Neuro-Kinetic Therapy Level 3

Hatha Yoga Teacher (200hr)

Forrest Yoga Teacher (500hr)

Forrest Yoga Guardian

I hold various Diplomas & Practitioner certificates from a plethora of anatomy and biomechanics academies. My work is centred around the approach to managing trauma, chronic pain & addiction. 

‘Jambo guides students to become confident and empowered on their path of self discovery. He integrates the ancient yogic wisdom with modern science to create powerful and transformative experiences. Jambo's classes are both challenging and nurturing, making it easier for students to work through their emotions and physical blocks. Jambo has a passion for helping people to find their unique beauty and strength, to life and relationships. He also believes that true transformation comes from connecting deeply to our intuitive nature. 

Jambo works to empower his students in their journey of personal growth and self-discovery. He nurtures the individual’s strength, encourages healing, bolsters self-love, and offers tools for transformation. He encourages his students to take pride in their actions and embrace their personal power as they transform their lives from within. In his classes, Jambo focuses on building strength and endurance, engaging the core, working with the breath, and helping students to discover their own unique story.’


A combination of the following depending on the theme of the class:

Ceremony & Chanting - the opening session set’s the intent and is a moment of embodied prayers, rituals and music. Depending on the theme of the event, we will explore different mandalas when calling in the forces of the cardinal directions followed by rituals that support setting the groundwork for the intent. This is usually a variation of meditation, movement or writing. Music is a big part of lifting the spirit. This can be a combination of medicine songs, melodic mantras (although we do these in a meditative form as well) and dance.

Pranayama & Meditation- this breath focused practice brings the intent into the next level of embodiment. Pranayamas are derived from peer-reviewed formulas to deliberately share with practitioners updated research on the benefits of pranayama. Meditation was the first method I was exposed to at 14 years. His background of Buddhist & Taoist meditation practises later infused with Hindu yoga practices has led me to share the essence of a lifelong meditation practice that is free from dogma. These sessions are curated into a spacious framework for self-inquiry and enhancing self-acceptance.

Asana- my yoga style is fundamentally inspired by Forrest Yoga & my love for human anatomy. Expect the deep healing journey that Forrest Yoga organically creates with the added bonuses of understanding your own anatomy. I love exploring ipsi-lateral stability and mobility, my approach is therapeutic and intuitive. My classes are mixed-level strongly paced practices that encourage embodiment and accessing the inner resources to thrive within our personal journeys whether they are of healing, growth or deepening our relationship with ourselves. Bodywork- I have a widespread career as a bodyworker. I have worked in spas all the way to teaching multiple forms of applied bodywork. Bodywork is the art and science of using the body as the tool to manage and promote intricate and global movement, emotional, psychological and spiritual development. Through bodywork, I translate the language of movement through my studies of functional to subtle anatomy. I enjoy reflecting on somatic language as we explore the subtlety of the unconscious. My approach is to offer you the means of dropping into the resources that are from within to walk with you as you navigate your journey of becoming pain and struggle free. 

Q&A- I believe in satsang and I endeavour to answer as many questions as I possibly can. I respect that I am familiar with my framework and understanding of this work and that I don't know all the answers and where I do not, I will do my best to point you in an appropriate direction. I believe these sessions are an important element of integration.


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