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The Forrest Yoga Advanced Teacher Training (ATT) is an intensive program designed to take yoga teachers deeper into the teachings of Forrest Yoga and refine their skills for personal and professional growth. This training is primarily for those who have completed the foundational teacher training and are looking to enhance their expertise and effectiveness as yoga instructors, particularly within the Forrest Yoga framework.


Key Objectives of the Forrest Yoga Advanced Teacher Training:


Deepening Personal Practice: The ATT focuses heavily on deepening the personal practice of yoga teachers. It involves advanced asanas, pranayama, meditation techniques, and the use of intent to create profound personal experiences and breakthroughs.


Advanced Teaching Skills: Participants are taught to advance their teaching skills. This includes developing new teaching techniques, learning how to structure and sequence classes more effectively, and honing the ability to handle a variety of teaching scenarios and student needs.


Healing and Therapy: Emphasizing the therapeutic aspects of Forrest Yoga, the ATT equips teachers to work with injuries, tailor classes to address specific physical and emotional issues, and use yoga as a tool for healing. This component is crucial as it aligns with the Forrest Yoga mission of creating a healing, transformative yoga practice.


Hands-On Assists: The training provides in-depth training on giving effective, safe, and healing hands-on assists. This is a critical skill in Forrest Yoga, where the quality of touch can significantly enhance a student's experience of a pose and offer support and deep relaxation.


Spiritual Development: Forrest Yoga is deeply rooted in spirituality, drawing from Native American traditions and other spiritual teachings. The ATT encourages spiritual growth through rituals, ceremonies, and the exploration of one’s connection to self and the earth.


Mentorship and Support: Throughout the training, participants receive mentorship and guidance from experienced Forrest Yoga teachers. This mentorship is vital for developing a teaching style that is authentic and impactful.


Ethics and Leadership: The training also addresses the ethics of yoga teaching and leadership skills necessary for fostering community and guiding students responsibly and with integrity.


Format and Content:


The format of the Forrest Yoga Advanced Teacher Training can vary, typically spanning several weeks to months, and it may be offered in intensive blocks or extended formats to accommodate different schedules. The content includes:


Daily Intensives: These are deep dives into practice, including long hours of asanas, pranayama, and meditation.

Teaching Practicum: Teachers get to practice teaching to real students, often in the presence of senior Forrest Yoga mentors who provide feedback.

Group Discussions: These discussions cover a variety of topics, including handling student-teacher dynamics, managing the energy of a classroom, and personal development.

Independent Study: There might be required readings, written assignments, and other tasks that participants need to complete outside of direct training hours.




The Forrest Yoga Advanced Teacher Training is designed not just to make better yoga teachers, but to foster powerful agents of healing and change. It challenges teachers to evolve their practice and teaching, deepening their ability to facilitate physical, emotional, and spiritual transformation in their students. This training is ideal for those committed to living their yoga and teaching authentically and profoundly, with the courage to explore and embrace their own transformative journey.

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