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On Manifestation: If the universe grants it, take it!

One of the key practices overlooked in the work of manifesting is the way the universe converses with us as we go through the process of creating our dreams. If you have ever gained some traction on your journey towards seeing your dreams but have experienced plateau’s then it might be an idea to continue reading….

Please don’t be offended when I win all of us not to be spoilt brats. You see the universe works by understanding the languages of the sensations stirring inside of us. How things pan out completely depend on where we are abiding from the inside. We all know how to ask for what we want, but we must be mindful not to turn our nose up at what the universe delivers. If you do find yourself turning your nose up, do not be surprised if the very thing that you are creating slows down.

An example:

You want to be in a meaningful relationship and then suddenly, after setting your intent, the dating app bleeps like crazy or people are approaching you (assuming you have been doing the inner work to get to this stage) but you start being rude towards what is coming to you. A number of ways that appears can include:

- Not even replying

- Rejecting someone on face value (even face readers should be mindful of this, just because we are trained to read it doesn’t mean we can read eveyrthing)

- Being rude, arrogant or dismissive

What I invite you to do is embrace each interaction s though the universe has handed you what you want. Now, it may seem chaotic compared to what you have ‘asked for’ but please remember that if what is coming isn’t what you want, re-think the intent of your manifesation!

Instead what I encourage you to do is face each interaction with the loving and respectful response you would have if you realized that the universe is talking to you, because it is! It is dialoguing with you, based on the topic that you have chosen.

How does this look on a practical level?

Interact with the person who is interested in you. Have a moment of being appreciated, desired, whatever it is that you wanted. The more you receive it in, the more of THAT energy you will get. If you continue batting them away, the universe will continue bringing folk that you want to bat away.

On the appropriate occasion, go for the coffee or however you prefer to do these interactions. If someone invited you for coffee but you are unsure, at least have a conversation . Let go of any major outcomes and enter into the cosmic play that the universe plays with us as we continue petitioning life to bring us more.

Another example is if you want more yoga students. I have seen many unsuccessful teachers (when I say unsuccessful I mean the ones who complain about their work) actually complain to me about their students. I have heard teachers complain that their students don’t pay attention, or repeat the same mistakes or just don’t do what the teacher wants them to do. This will continue to bring more students that you won’t get on with. If you want more students, love the ones who are there, or at least love the work that you do together!

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