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Forrest Yoga Mentorship Program

This 8-Day Forrest Yoga Mentorship Program is focusing on helping you to connect with your passion, talent, and authentic self as a teacher and a person. The training taught by Forrest Yoga Guardians Jambo Truong and Ricky Saputra.

The training is a powerful continuity of the great work and processes that you started in the Foundation Teacher Training. In the program you will:

  1. Refine your teaching skills

  2. Teaching practice using your authentic voice

  3. Speaking with healing power

  4. Hands on assist for theurapeutic and advanced poses

  5. Enhance your seeing skills

  6. Learn new sequencing

  7. Refine anatomical cueing of Basic Moves & Classical Forrest Yoga poses

  8. Effective cueing for psyco-somatic coaching

  9. Handle you empath skills

  10. Access greater teaching energy for yourself

Date: 19 - 26 May 2023

Location: Content Yoga, Gading Serpong Indonesia

Fee: € 1500 or Rp 20.000.000 (for Indonesian)

For information on receiving the application form and making payment please email

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