10 Day Yoga Bodyworkers
The Sacred Minerals within Bones

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DATES : 1st - 10th July 2022

PRICE :  $2600

For information on signing up and payment please email maia@jambodragonschool.com

As we move through the layers of connective tissue, we finally arrive to a place of density. The density of the bones houses the minerals that are the building blocks of the bones. This scaffolding off inner resources offers the very minerals that enable it to protect our vital organs into the rest of the body as and when we need it.

Bones are humming with the vibrations of life. They are powerhouses of structure, cell-making, immune defence, mineral storage and are in a constant state of responding to the forces pulling on them.

This potent resource is part of the inheritance of our ancestors. Our bones are so abundant of resource that they can remain long after we have left the body.

In celebration of the bones the LATEST Yoga Bodyworkers training has reached a new era.

Each morning starts with ceremony & Meditation followed by a movement class (yoga, qi gong, self-bodywork). Afternoons are spent in mini-lectures and practical embodied learning *{through partnered bodywork sessions.}*

This training has a strong emphasis on:

- Understanding Ground Reaction Force & Force Transmission through Fascial Planes
- Joint Mobilisation & Stability
- Relational Patterns of Fascial Planes and Fascial Fulcrums in Leveraging Body Movement
-Bodywork Biomechanics: Earth Powered & Centered
- The Power of Vibrations- Mechanical, Musical & Piezo-Electrical

We will be including:
- Singing to the bones
- Singing with the bones
- Combining mechanical pressure with the vibration of sound to begin moving bones and fascial densities

Price: $2600 - To sign up and get payment details please email maia@jambodragonschool.com

There is only 12 spaces for this so get in touch quickly to secure your space!